Instructions: HighAnkles 2.0

On this page you will learn how to wear and use the HighAnkles 2.0 correctly.


Important information in advance:

You will need a little time and practice to get used to the HighAnkles 2.0.

They come with a 90 day guarantee, so please give the product a fair chance.

Most customers are thrilled after 2-3 weeks of wear!

    Please note:

    • Wearing and walking in them is unfamiliar at first, so it may take a few days to get used to them.
    • The increase in height can vary. Depending on your weight, the silicone is pressed down more or less, which of course affects the size. We recommend wearing shoes for the maximum size increase.

      Please note:

      • Socks stabilise the HighAnkles 2.0 and enable a better run.

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