Frequently Asked Questions

How does the KatKleaner work?

  • The KatKleaner™ uses natural, cat-friendly aromas mixed with water to neutralize strong odors. It disperses these aromas in the room air, ensuring both you and your cat feel comfortable.

Which aromas can I use?

  • The device is compatible with a wide range of aromas, all of which should be natural and safe for cats. We offer numerous aromas in our online shop that you can use!

How large should the room be for the device to cover?

  • The KatKleaner is effective in rooms of up to 161 square feet. For larger or multiple rooms, we recommend placing additional KatKleaners.

Does the KatKleaner have a timer?

  • Yes, it comes with a 6-hour timer. It will automatically turn off once the timer has run out or when there's no more liquid in the device.

Can I use it for all pets?

  • Yes! It was specifically designed to tackle strong odors of all kinds. Just ensure you use a cat-friendly aroma.